I strongly believe in an evidence-based approach, utilizing strategies that are flexible and fun to help you develop positive habits that are sensible, enjoyable, and sustainable over a lifetime. By working together, we can design a realistic and practical program that meets your nutrition, fitness, and wellness goals — and creates a happier, healthier, energized new you. - Beth



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I am so excited to finally share it with you! This site was designed specifically for you to help you reach your nutrition, fitness and wellness goals.You will have access to the most current evidence-based dietary, nutrition, exercise, health, and wellness information.Everyday, I get questions asking about food, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. People ask me what’s the best way to lose weight, stop their food cravings or late night binges, squeeze in exercise, recover faster, stay motivated, reduce stress, and more. With my new website, you will have access to how I answer these questions so that you too can discover the best health and wellness tips!Don’t miss out on these great tips - CLICK HERE to Sign up for my mailing list! You will get occasional  health tips and information to help you meet your health, fitness and wellness goals!Better yet, start your health and fitness journey today with me. Learn all about my programs under “Programs”! What are you waiting for? The best time to start is NOW!

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My biggest fear was that I would not be able to be helped, and that I would continue to struggle to lose weight, and struggle to feel healthy. Instead, with Beth's expertise and positive support and guidance, she has helped me to achieve my goals. She has taught me the basics of staying active and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beth has always provided positive and attainable goals, She makes everything simple and easy to ...Read More

Cathy Hull October 13, 2016

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