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Spice It Up!

As a distance runner and nutritionist, I'm always looking at what food can do for me. Can it help me run faster, be stronger, recover faster, or just take away some of those aches and pains after a long hard workout? The latter being the most important! But what about spices and herbs? We don't…
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Yummy and Healthy: EVOO

I love everything about extra virgin olive oil -  the dark rich green color, the smell, and of course the taste. Lately, it's hard to tell whether or not the olive oil you're buying is extra virgin. In 2011, Tom Mueller documented this in his book, "Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandelous World of Olive Oil".…
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Fuel Your Day

I often get, “I eat fine, Beth. I’m not a snack person, I don’t crave or binge on junk food, I love food – real food. I guess you can say that I have a big appetite. Ugh … I just eat too much.”

Does this sound like you?

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