Paige Sato

I think my biggest apprehension prior to hiring Beth was my ability to implement her suggestions. It’s easy to think about changes, but a bit more difficult to actually make those changes stick. Beth started me with the 3 Tiny Habits—each session we would discuss three small (but effective) habits, write them down, and then the she would follow up with my progress at the next session. Instead of making huge (and seemingly insurmountable) goals like ‘eat healthier,’ I was able to focus on much more do-able habits, such as ‘incorporate a 4th meal between lunch and dinner.’ I am pleased to say that I’ve been able to keep all my tiny habits, even as my sessions have ended.

Beth is a wealth of knowledge—not only about the science behind food and food choices, but also how food choices impact daily life and athletic performance. But, and this is crucial, Beth doesn’t have that ‘know-it-all’ tone or attitude. She asks good questions about lifestyle, habits, preferences, and then helped me develop a nutrition plan that would help me achieve my goal (finishing a 50 mile ultra race without dying). Beth understood my desire to rely less on pre-packaged sports nutrition and use real foods as fuel, and also provided plenty of recipes so I could experiment and make my own. Better yet, Beth has a great sense of humor and is so easy to talk to.

I am a middle-of-the-pack runner, and I first thought going to a specialist like Beth is really reserved for elite and sub-elite athletes. But having gone through my training cycle for my ultra and succeeded in my goal, I realize that nutrition was the piece of the puzzle that had been missing from my wheelhouse all along. I have been very vocal among my running friends about the benefits of seeing an R.D. in general, and Beth specifically, as part of a training plan—as it’s not about eating more, it’s about eating better. Beth was able to help me make changes to my habits and food choices that not only positively affected my training plan and goal race, but are also critical to future successes.

Paige Sato October 13, 2016

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